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All Star cheerleading is a competitive team sport incorporating skills from several disciplines such as gymnastics, dance, tumbling, stunting, jumping and pyramid building. All Star cheerleading squads can compete from ages 5 and up and open to boys and girls! Teams of twelve to thirty athletes with similar ages and abilities do not cheer for other sports they ARE the team and compete against other teams in their age and level. There are no bench warmers! Everybody has an integral part on the team and all are trained in all aspects of the sport in order to develop skills to reach their maximum potential. The emphasis is on team work, discipline, commitment, and preparation for competition and of course….life!

CIA offers two types of competitive cheer …  Recreation Cheer (non competitive) which is our Secret Agents and Undercover Angels program where students attend class once a week, learn basic cheer, stunts, tumbling, dance, and more!   They perform in the gym for parents and cheerleaders!  Our competitive program is All Stars which is multiple practices a week with travel to 10-12 competitions a season.  All Stars is a year round program with competitions November - May each year.  .  If you are not sure please schedule a time to come in the gym and we will answer all of your questions.  The link below is our all star packet giving you practices, competitions, costs, etc for the ENTIRE season!   (Revised 9/11/17)

 New Teams are chosen in May of each year.  Occasionally we may have an opening during the season.  Contact us just in case!    We highly recommend any girl/boy interested in joining a team for next season get in CIA and start tumbling classes as soon as possible, meet the coaches, meet the teams!   No one is "cut" we have a team for everyone! 

Please contact Debbie Sprague - Cheerleading Director at

Meet our 2017-18 CIA All Stars! 

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